Our secrets and what we believe about friendship

There are indeed many startups and social media giants who have tried to create an app superior to group-chats. A quick google search on “social-planning” will reveal many failed attempts.


So why should we succeed? What is different and unique with Zappmeet? What makes Zappmeet the best tool to meet your friends? It all starts with what we believe.


What we believe

We believe that what we do with our friends, is less important than the fact that we do it together! That might sound strange, but give it some extra thought. What is most important to you, what you do or who you do it with? Obviously, what we do is of great importance. But we believe that true friends together reach a consensus on what they want to do.



We are playing ping pong after work in our office – decided in Zappmeet! And playing with laser tags. 


Our secrets

This has led to our first secret of Zappmeet, that in the real world, friends give suggestions to each other about what they want to do. And together they decide.  



Myself and David, together with our chairman – mr Jan Sturesson from Sweden. And we all agree, the biggest secret to Zappmeet, is that it is all about “us”, deciding together.

The second secret of Zappmeet, is about what factors friends need to agree on every time they want to meet. Those factors are whowhatwhere and when. You simply must know who you are going to meet, what you are going to do, where it will take place and when it will happen. Without knowing those factors, it is impossible to meet anyone.


First day at office and buying furniture. About a year later, we look at our first Beta on app store!
Between them, thousands of meeting where we had to know what, where and when.  


The third secret of Zappmeet, is that friends for the most part are creatures of habit. We might have different friend groups, but each friend group often ends up doing a lot of the same stuff they usually do. Thus, Zappmeet will give the users smart suggestions based on their user history.


When team Zappmeet go out to have lunch, way too often we end up going the same place, because we are creatures of habit. 


The fourth and last secret of Zappmeet, is about the origin of most meetings. Most meetings start with one friend simply wondering about who he or she would like to meet. That is why a Zappmeet starts with the question: “Who do you like to meet?” That question leads to an invitation, but not an ordinary invitation. This is an invitation that the world has never seen before, where the receiver and the sender suggest and decide together.


The user flow of sending and receiving a Zappmeet invitation.


Faster and better than chatting

When there is a consensus between the friends about what, where and when, the app automatically creates an upcoming meeting and synchronizes it with your calendar. After some usage, all of this will be done faster than texting!

So, even if you are just asking someone for a quick bite or a get together with your classmates, Zappmeet enables you to accomplish this task faster and better than texting or calling. Speed and efficiency are what we live by. This is made possible through clever algorithms and a groundbreaking user flow built upon our believes about friendship.

There you have it.

My name is Thomas S. Hansen (35) and my brother is David I. Hansen (23). Our secrets are laid out in our beloved app called Zappmeet. Hopefully, it will be your preferred choice for whenever you want to meet your friends.

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