Solving the problem of social media

We love social media and the aspects that aim to make us more connected. Through social media, we are able to share moments and memories with friends and family all over the world. At the same time, it has also helped organize groups and events of all varieties.

As the technology has evolved and the screens have grown larger, we have seen connection turn to comparison and sharing memories has begun to remove us from the very moments we are capturing. These are the problems we are addressing with Zappmeet: a new social planning app that is focused on bringing us together in the real world.

Technology can isolate us

A quick search on google will reveal myriad analysis and research that points to the developed world never having felt so alone. But why? With all of this technology that should be connecting us, why is loneliness increasing? The issue we see is the difference between digital and physical connection.

An ever increasing amount of interaction is taking place through the window of the latest smartphone. We can work, play and learn, all from the comfort of a cafe or courtyard. And while these technological advancements are incredibly important, we still crave the human connection that cannot be satisfied with likes, comments or countless emojis.

We are simply not built to be alone. Where today’s social media provides the feeling of connection, it is actually serving to disengage us from the real world and the meaningful relationships that are in it.

Zappmeet is all about friendships

Our core purpose is to bring people together to build solid friendships. We are passionate about friendships and the crucial quality they bring to each individual’s life. Technology and social media have had a profound impact on the world and there are many aspects to celebrate: freedom of information, removing barriers of entry to financial and artistic markets and the melting pot of ideas and cultures that is the new digital public square.

However, we are addressing the darker side of social media: the ways in which the individual is being isolated through the illusion of meaningful interaction. We are building a tool that begins in the digital world and ends in meaningful meetups.

We believe that when friends suggest and decide to do something together, real life is improved. We invite you to download the app and see how easy it is to start connecting with others today.

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