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On any given day, over 80 Billion text messages around the world are being sent. It is a staggering and incomprehensibly high number that could contain an opportunity of a lifetime.

People are addicted

You most likely already know it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. But you are addicted to your phone and the wonderful and mysterious things that lives inside of it. Most of us cannot even remember how we lived without these devices that have become extensions to our bodies. In fact, we all check our phone about 150 times each day to see if there are some new notifications on it. It comes as natural to us as breathing.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, that is not the question to ask here. The right question here will reveal a momentous opportunity that lies behind these staggering numbers. An opportunity that will revolutionize the habits of how people communicate.

A revealing question

The right question to ask is: Why do we text people?

By answering that question, we will realize that you and I, as well as everybody else, has a need that up to this date is best met through text messages.

One way to locate that need is by going through our phones and look at the 10 latest people that we added as a friend or a contact. If you do that, you will find a common denominator among all of them. That is, something beside the fact that they are all your friends or at least people you know. They have something in common in their chat history with you.

Well, is that a talk about yesterday’s event? Or do you all share a joke or something funny? Maybe you sent someone a reminder to feed your pet. All of those are reasons why someone sends a text message, but they are not something you text to all or most people. The one thing that you text to most people, is the most common reason why people send text messages. And what is that reason?

The most common reason

Statistics shows that the most common reason to send a text is to plan some sort of a meeting. It’s only natural, since all humans have a continuously need to meet other people. And since texting (up to this date) is the best communication tool for that need, we all send Billions of text messages.

These messages are either to catch up with a friend, or a group of people that schedules to come together, or someone asking someone out on a date. In fact, over half of all the 80 Billion of text messages that are send every single day on apps like Messenger and WhatsApp or simple SMS, is about people trying to meet other people.


A solution to the question

What if those people would find a tool that would solve their daily need of planning a meeting with their friends? A tool that would do that, and save them time in the process and that would strengthen their friendships? Well, that is the opportunity that we are aiming for.

My name is Thomas S. Hansen (35) and my brother is David I. Hansen (23). We are developing a social communication app called Zappmeet, and hopefully, it will be your preferred choice for whenever you want to meet your friends.

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